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The president’s approval of deep-water port in Nickerie

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President Santokhi observed the approval of “The Port of Nickerie,” a deep-water port that also serves as the special economic zone. This unique construction, which includes sizable port facilities, will significantly advance the trade, logistics, energy, manufacturing, and agricultural sectors while also aiding the burgeoning “oil & gas” industry.

The president stated that since NV Havenbeheer Suriname is a 100% state-owned corporation, big developments like this deep-water port belong to us all. Additionally, he used the occasion to congratulate NV Havenbeheer Suriname on its third consecutive victory in the Port Award Competition for “Best Port of the Caribbean.”

According to the president, “The Port of Nickerie” and its associated special economic zone will help us as a nation regain investor trust. Our oil and gas possibilities provide up a wide range of development opportunities. Numerous improvements will also result from the completion of this project, both for Suriname as a whole and for the Nickerie neighborhood. We will all benefit once this initiative is up and running, he remarked. He concluded by congratulating Nickerie and Suriname in particular.





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