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70 social workers attend a training session JusPol

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At the Ministry of Justice and Police (JusPol), a training session was given for more than 70 social workers to improve their capabilities. In a dialogue with Minister Kenneth Amoksi of Justice & Police, the Association of Social Workers in Suriname provided the motivation for the training. The instruction took place at the Waspar facility on the Drambrandersgracht from November 30 through December 2.

The Minister gave the Training and Education Department permission to provide the training at the association’s request. The social workers were divided into two groups for the course’s two sessions. The EDDA model, a contemporary social work methodology, was the topic of the first session. During treatment, there is a flexible response to the client’s circumstance.

Techniques for reporting were covered in the second session, according to JusPol. Social workers must maintain their education and professional development, according to Maritza Vroom-Sibelo, director of the department of education and training. Even in this precarious circumstances, according to Vroom, it is crucial to invest in people, and they are happy that they were able to put this training together.




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