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6.6% more expensive in a month

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Suriname heeft een schenking van US$ 130.000 ontvangen van de Volksrepubliek China. Hiervan is US$ 100.000 bestemd voor het Nationaal Coördinatie Centrum voor Rampenbeheersing (NCCR), terwijl US$ 30.0...

Inflation increased by 6.6% in one month. This rise was reported by the General Bureau of Statistics (ABS) in October versus September. Prices are tracked between October 11 and October 31.

The average increase in consumer prices since October of last year is 49.1%. At first, a significant decline in inflation was predicted for this year. But it doesn’t appear like this is taking place. While prices in the stores increase, the devaluation of the currency keeps going on.

The distant interior, where costs are soaring, is not where the ABS shoots. The Consumer Price Index package for Suriname contains 316 items, and price recordings are made in Paramaribo and Wanica (at roughly 170 measurement points), Nickerie including Wageningen (at roughly 115 measurement points), Coronie & Saramacca (at roughly 105 measurement points), Commewijne (at roughly 120 measurement points), and Para (at roughly 120 measuring points), for a total of about 630 measurement points.




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