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49.5% annual inflation

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The increase in consumer costs between November 2021 and November this year is 49.5%. The General Bureau of Statistics does not collect data on the cost of living in the far-off neighborhoods of Brokopondo, Marowijne, and Sipaliwini (ABS). The SRD’s devaluation is significantly severe in distant places.

In November, prices are 3.6% higher than they were in October of this year. The ABS has reported this. The goods’ prices are noted between November 1 and November 30. The prices of produce, fruits, bread, cereals, housing, maintenance, house repairs, and utilities increased at the fastest rates.

A package of goods and services with a set quality and quantity that are meant for consumption is measured by the consumer price index (CPI) on an average basis.

The CPI package for Suriname contains 316 items, and price measurements are taken in Paramaribo and Wanica (at roughly 170 measuring points), Nickerie, including Wageningen (at roughly 115 measuring points), Coronie & Saramacca (at roughly 105 measuring points), Commewijne (at roughly 120 measuring points), and Para (at roughly 120 measuring points), for a total of about 630 measuring points.





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