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3000 more land decrees will be provided by the Government

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President Chan Santokhi indicated last weekend in Nickerie that 3000 land decrees will be issued for this year. Minister Dinotha Vorswijk of Land Policy and Forest Management (GBB) confirms this number. Before the commencement of the meeting of the Council of Ministers, she indicated that Para is the next district on the list where land papers will be issued to the citizens. The number of land papers that are planned to be given out would be 1500 for this district.

Recently 160 land decrees have been issued in the Nickerie district. The intention is that the government will handle all 70,000 online applications in the coming years. The applications that are now being processed are from people who applied for a piece of land years ago. In between are also citizens who have submitted an application not long ago.

The community need to know that it is very important to get all the information from a good notary before buying a plot. As to avoid any painful experience.

Citizens must first do good research before taking the step. Although it is not the ministry’s job, information about land sales will be provided. So that people can be alert of scammers.

It is not so easy to provide people with a piece of land. According to Vorswijk, the ministry does not have sufficient resources to do the work properly. There are not sufficient means of transport available to successfully complete the work. The minister said that President Santokhi have already been informed about the problems.

In addition, more than 1000 plots will be provided in the Marowijne district. We are working hard to make this big dream come true for the community.







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