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30 recreational facilities in Para authorized

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A stamp of permission has been given to the Tapsey Recreational Resort by District Commissioner (DC) Marlene Joden van Para. Security reports indicate that this ear holder has also complied with the rules governing the operation of a resort for enjoyment. Agreements for the site’s cleanliness and visitor safety were negotiated with the ear holders throughout the preliminary stage leading up to approval.

Thirty operators of recreational resorts received their permission and approval yesterday. These places have gone through the process of checking compliance with the applicable conditions and there is sufficient evidence that they can guarantee the safety of their visitors. Approved recreational resorts have trained and uniformed lifeguards, manned first aid stations, depth gauges that indicate the depth of the bathing water and hygienically sound facilities.

The resorts that are allowed to keep their doors open to the public during this peak period are: Watra-C, Tapsey, Para Watra, Swit Kriki, Isri Kokro, Owos Resort, Severino Waterpark, Green House Apartments Republic, Relax Park, Capella Nature & Eco Resort, Crystral Park & Marine Resort, Jungle Camp, Eco-zenz Resort, Alkebuland Event Resort, Parabello, Millie’s Resort, Cabenda Camping, Stg Jan Starke- and Relaxation Center, Da Kaboera, Bigi Kroetoe, Colakreek, Recreation Park Overbridge, River Resort Palulu Camping, Caribo Beach Resort, Carolina Creek, A&A Jungle Camp, Hiwa Forest, Kimberly Vip Ressort, Kankanku and Blaka Watra.




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