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2 bridges at Johanna-Margaretha are repaired by LVV

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Two bridges have been completed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries (LVV) in Johanna-Margaretha, which is located on the Commewijne River’s right bank. The residents of Johanna-Margaretha and the nearby plantations, as well as the numerous students and tourists, were in grave danger because these structures had been difficult to access for years. The condition of the bridges also caused significant stagnations in the agriculture industry.

A technical delegation from the ministry visited the plantation for inspections last year, under the direction of Ashwien Gangadin, LVV deputy director of Agriculture Region East. The original plan was to replace the rotting wooden components on the Creolenweg and Javanenweg bridges. However, it was discovered during the demolition that every wooden component, including the vital pillars, was rotted, according to LVV.

These river crossings were totally renovated with a minimum lifespan of 10 years because they are utilized everyday. For the benefit of the farmers and fishermen who move their goods over the water, the bridges have also been lengthened, made wider, and lifted. Sanding the roads was another measure taken by the government.

The district commissioner of Commewijne, Mohamedshafiek Radjab, who was there, stated that “the renewed bridges offer additional prospects for the development of this area.” He claimed that the government’s job was to further ensure this. He claims that this marks the start of fulfilling the requirements for continued plantation growth.

Parmanand Sewdien, a minister for the LVV, has promised some things to the locals. To aid neighborhood farmers in the growth of agricultural crops, an LVV resort office will be established. Soon, a tractor will also be delivered, along with, among other things, a trailer and a cutter bar. On the right bank of the Commewijne River, the ministry will additionally shell the inland routes that link the nearby plantations. The minister explains, “We at LVV are there to facilitate, so that farmers may produce.”







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