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190 new police officers

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A special day for 190 recruits who were promoted to police aspirants and the Suriname Police Force (KPS). These men received their epaulettes today in the Police Training Center during a formal ceremony.

Kenneth Amoksi, the minister of justice and police, as well as the acting attorney general and chief of police, as well as Mielando Atompai, the chairman of the Surinamese Police Union (SPB), were among the representatives present.

Minister Amoksi was delighted with the occasion in the presence of the other leadership members of the force, family members, and friends of the aspiring police officers. He challenged the upgraded group to uphold everything they had learnt. “You must continue to grow and learn from your failures.”

In the Caribbean, the minister is aiming for a model corps where civil officials will receive structurally-based training. He claims that the goal is to use the assistance of the newest class of aspirant police officers to control the steadily rising crime rate. In order to create a safer Suriname, the Minister of Justice pleaded with them to embrace the corps wholeheartedly.

Acting Police Chief Kensen shared Minister Amoksi’s enthusiasm for the incoming troops. With the tasks they were given, they both wished the group success. The interim chief constable urged the aspiring cops to keep up their hard work for the good of the department and the neighborhood.

To avoid harming their personal and the organization’s reputations, they must conduct themselves elegantly and in accordance with the applicable norms and principles. The police official told him, “We’re going to follow you, you have to serve the community and you take all the good things.”

The SPB is a labor union that keeps an eye on the legal standing of police officers, according to union president Atompai. Additionally important in this regard are their own efforts. He thus exhorted the would-be agents to carry on with their study. There is a chance to advance, the SPB chairman emphasized. He informed the men that he would begin as a recruit as well. Chairman Atompai called on the aspiring agents to know their responsibilities at all times.








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