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19.5 million euro seizure: OM Nederland lacks a solid case

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The Amsterdam court’s ruling that the 19.5 million euros must be repaid to the banks is favorable to the banking industry as well as to Suriname. Jim Bousaid, a former director of the Hakrinbank, who contacted the media for an answer, claims that justice has been served in this case. The CEO of Finabank, Eblein Frangie, is happy that the complaint process was successful. He observes that the prosecution’s case was weak in the Netherlands. This was once more demonstrated by the court’s decision on Tuesday.

Bousaid and Frangie state that they anticipated a favorable decision. The court’s reasoning strikes Bousaid as “quite correct.” The former banker claimed that since the banks had appropriately carried out their customer due diligence, there had never been a compliance issue. “It was absurd for the Dutch Public Prosecution Service to demand that you know your clients. The banks followed the compliance guidelines.”

There have been further, non-legal issues, according to Bousiad, which will not be covered at this time. “The Public Prosecution Service’s claim has been correctly rejected by the Dutch court as a result. The Surinamese banks have every reason to make a significant claim for the severe loss they have sustained “the former banker claims. More than 4.5 years have passed since this lawsuit began.

Frangie hopes that the money will be released as a result of the court’s ruling and that payment activity will resume. “The inconvenience of a deficient payment system has been felt by the nation, the bank, and the general people. We anticipate this being a thing of the past very shortly. We have also experienced significant reputational harm and anticipate that this case will be resolved quickly” according to the general manager of Finbank.





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