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147 more firefighters were added to the fire department

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The Suriname Fire Brigade (KBS) has added 147 firefighters as a result of the installation and swearing-in of candidates on Tuesday. This satisfies the KBF’s demand for people who are well trained. Fire Chief Radjen Jakhari has expressed his gratitude to the team for their hard work despite the limitations brought on by COVID-19. “You have demonstrated that you are sufficiently committed, patient, and motivated.”

The fire chief is certain that they possess the skills required to benefit society. According to the Communication Service Suriname, he bases this on the rigorous training program they underwent and successfully finished. Ernesto Karsopawiro, the best graduate, expressed his joy at this time. I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to be a fireman before I applied, but in the end, I decided to serve society through this corps. He promises to try his best to advance within the police.

The Ministry of Justice and Police’s deputy director of legal affairs, Melissa Frederiks, anticipates that the military will make a significant contribution to society in terms of the services it provides. After all, they’ve already finished their foundational fire service training. She reaffirmed the minister’s assurance that the facilities required for carrying out the work will be in good working order.






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