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140 donors of blood were honored

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On Wednesday, World Blood Donor Day, 140 persons received awards from President Chan Santokhi. It covers 84 men and 56 women who have donated blood for the preservation of human life for many years. The president thanked the donors for their generosity, which helped save lives.

According to Santokhi, giving blood is a noble deed because it is given to anyone in need in order to preserve human life. This, in his opinion, is a sign of love for one’s fellow human being. 63 benefactors were honored as Knights of the Honorary Order of the Yellow Star among the honorees. This honor has been given to male donors who have donated 60 times and 30 times each to women. 44 donors were awarded the Officer of the Honorary Order of the Yellow Star. It concerns women and men who have donated blood 45 and 90 times respectively. The highest award Commander of the Honorary Order of the Yellow Star has been presented to 33 donors, which is reserved for women and men who have made 50 and 100 blood donations respectively.

The blood is donated in Suriname and in some parts of the world, without payment. Studies have shown that the safest blood supplies come from voluntary uncompensated donors. “They pay much more attention to themselves and the stock appears to be much better and safer. With paid blood donations, you don’t know who you’re getting because it’s often about the need for the money rather than the need to donate,” said blood bank physician, Urvien Elliot.




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