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1000–1100 civil officials want to voluntarily leave government service

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Prior to the weekly Council of Ministers meeting, Interior Minister Bronto Somohardjo (Biza) disclosed that between 1000 and 1100 civil servants wanted to voluntarily leave the government service. In order to cut back on the number of government servants, the ministry set up the implementation office.

This organization must assess if it is possible to allow these government employees to voluntarily depart the service. Also, the ministry is organizing the Central Bureau for Civil Affairs’ population file (CBB). When individuals pass away and children are born every day, this occurs every day. A new method that expedites the processing of personal data has been established by the ministry. Thanks to e-Gov, all CBB offices have had internet access since last week.

Somohardjo claims that there are numerous demands for the production of passports. The required resources are at hand. Nevertheless, no materials to produce fresh e-ID cards have yet been obtained.

The ministry is also working on digitizing birth certificates, but in order to make sure that the right certificates are issued, all source documents must be verified. More than 400,000 source materials are included in this.

Also, the minister stated that the government is getting ready for the elections. The ministry has now entered the pre-election phase after the post-election phase in December.

The Constitutional Court has, however, ruled that the electoral system needs to be changed. According to Somohardjo, ministry officials are looking into this. The executive body responsible for overseeing the organization of the elections is the Ministry of the Interior, which is taking a wait-and-see approach.








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