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“100 million euros released for healthcare,” said President Santokhi

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Tuesday’s press conference had queries regarding the healthcare system, and President Chan Santokhi responded that 100 million euros had been set aside for it. The head of state claims that he is paying attention to the health industry’s issues.

The current state of the healthcare system is a result of old indebtedness. Laboratories, the State Health Fund, and numerous other organizations have received services without being paid. The president noted that debt levels had increased.

For the sector to grow, 80 million euros must be invested. This is demonstrated by a presentation made by the health authorities to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Health.

Health Minister Amar Ramadhin has already been questioned by the media about this, but he has not responded. Because of the state of the healthcare industry, hospitals among others will have to ask patients for cash payments. Due to liquidity issues, the Medicines Supply Company of Suriname (BGVS) is unable to place drug orders.

Santokhi also stated that he had previously spoken with Albert Ramdin, Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Business, and International Cooperation (BIBIS), about the state of the healthcare industry, back when he was still the interim minister of Finance and Planning. If permission had been given to make payments, the minister would have said so. Priorities for payments may be established in the remaining weeks of this year.






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