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Working committees for Bazo and Bzv talk to the government about bottlenecks

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The phasing out of subsidies in many areas has raised the demand for health insurance cards (Bazo/Bzv). As a result, it was determined to make getting the Bazo and Bzv cards simpler. The Wanica, Nickerie, and Commewijne working groups were evaluated by the president on Saturday in his cabinet. The working groups have informed the head of state of the issues and obstacles. During this conference were the ministries of Social Affairs and Housing, the Interior, and Public Health.

A relaxation has been implemented by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Housing (Sozavo), which is in charge of providing insurance cards, for those who are 0 to 16 years old, over 60 years old, enrolled in school, pregnant women and people with disabilities. The government accepts that the need for basic health insurance has grown as a result of the gradual elimination of subsidies in a number of industries. As a result, the working groups speak for the people on behalf of the government, enabling them to apply for a card right away. They achieve this by providing a more effective application process for Bazo and Bzv cards in the aforementioned districts. According to the Suriname Communication Service, various resort buildings will help citizens apply for their insurance cards, complete as many registrations as they can, and then forward them to the Bazo/Bzv offices.

In the Nickerie district, around 6000 Bzv cards have already been distributed since the working group was established in 2022. The working group’s leader, Stephen Madsaleh, claims that even though it has occasionally taken a while, many people have benefited recently. Bazo cards were distributed to 1,140 people in August and 1,220 in September. The head of state was given these numbers. The Nickerie working group has also requested that Sozavo select a district official who can evaluate and approve the cases right away. This will hasten the procedure. The installation of “emergency units” that can house such an authority is Minister Uraiqit Ramsaran’s suggestion.

In order to discover answers, Minister of the Interior Bronto Somohardjo advises members to first discuss issues within before becoming public: “We meet the individuals who are having a hard time with a little service,” he says. One of the issues brought up to the administration is the inability of foreign nationals who have lived in Suriname for a long time to become Surinamese citizens. They could not be qualified for help and basic health insurance as a result. President Santokhi promises to look into the situation.





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