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Vocational Education Subdirectorate receives meeting equipment from Petronas

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The Deputy Director of Vocational Education, Susanna Verveer, welcomes this gesture, which can be used for meetings.  The vice president said that with the economic challenges in the country, it is convenient to hold meetings remotely and this is now possible with the help of this equipment. She is looking forward to several projects with the organization in order to carry out the work within vocational education more efficiently.

Petronas CEO Ahmad Shamsul said that the company is a responsible company which is committed to the well-being of communities close to them. One way that this is being done is by helping to improve healthcare and education in this country.  In the past three years, the  focus has been shifted to the education sector and support has been extended to the Natural Technology Institute (Natin) and the Polytechnic College Suriname (PTC) in 2019.

Today it is the turn of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Bureau (TVET).  It is a real pleasure for the company to now hand over their contribution of a complete video conferencing system. They hope that with this effort, TVET staff is equipped with what they need to continue educating the Surinamese community.

Petronas is a fully integrated global energy group, providing energy and solutions to sustainably drive the progress of society.  The company has been doing business in three oil and gas blocks off the coast of Suriname since 2013, namely Blok 48, 52 and 53. Its subsidiary, Petronas Suriname Exploration & Production B.V (PSEPBV), explores and promotes upstream investment and growth opportunities in Suriname.



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