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Vehicles are given to Social Services by Minister Ramsaran

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 Ruth Barron, the head of the Social Service, received two Toyota vans from Social Affairs and Housing Minister Uraiqit Ramsaran yesterday. The Director of Social Affairs and Ministry employees were present for the handover, which took place on the Ministry’s property.

Ramsaran stressed at the handover that the Social Service’s ability to improve its services will be ensured by the purchase of the service cars because the service is available countrywide. The minister observed that it looked numerous departments lacked automobiles during the ministry’s inventory period, which made it challenging to provide for families and manage events at various institutions.

Ramsaran urged the Chief of Social Services to assist the ministry’s control department in carrying out various control tasks in the field by supporting the department’s operations. The minister also underlined that the Reception Institutions Act and Early Childhood Development (ECD) criteria must be followed in order for social services to be operationalized.

The minister expresses regret for the various incidents that have happened in the recent past and stresses that decisive action will be taken without delay. In addition, Ramsaran urged parents to think carefully about whoever they entrust with their children because it is a shared responsibility.





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