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Trained Teachers For Modern Machines

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Teachers are being trained to operate advanced machines. This is necessary to keep abreast with the latest developments in their field. The total cost of purchasing the machines and hand tools for the twelve Primary Vocational Education (LBO) schools is US$4.4 million.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (minOWC) is implementing the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) project, with a view to improving and renewing the LBO.  The main aim of this project is to improve vocational education and to adapt it to developments worldwide.  The students must be trained to be able to make an adequate contribution to the various production sectors on the national and international labor market.  minOWC reports that the policy also focuses especially in areas as the districts and the far interior.

In order to strengthen vocational education, 39 practice rooms spread over six districts will be added or renovated, namely in Wanica, Paramaribo, Marowijne, Commewijne, Saramacca and Nickerie.  Of the 39 practice rooms, 17 have already been taken into use.  These practice rooms are equipped with new advanced machines, which are supplied by the international company GEMCO B.V., which also provides training for the teachers.

In the meantime, 23 teachers of the mechanical engineering field have been trained.  Follow the directions GaWaSa, vehicle technology and electrical engineering.  Furthermore, trainers will also be trained who will continue the training of teachers, so that the LBO teachers of various schools in Paramaribo and districts can also be trained in the operation of these new advanced machines.

A second project is currently underway, setting up practice centers in Apoera, Atjoni and Brokopondo.  As an extension of this project, 270 teachers of vocational education are also being trained in competence-based education.

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