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Suspension out of bitterness

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Santokhi signed the resolution to suspend Chief Inspector of Police who is also an Organic Movement leader, Raoul Hellings.

Chief Inspector Raoul Hellings finds that this act of suspension of him and colleague Sergio Gentle a resentful move by the government to discourage them. He says that he has heard from the press that he and Gentle have been suspended as of Monday, August 15 but has not yet seen a resolution from President Chan Santokhi on the suspension.

To Hellings that was normal “given the way the government works” that things are first announced in the press before the individual knows about it.For example, the press previously knew about the retirement of him and Gentle. They were removed from office on 1 August by the chief of police. A week later, the resignation was extended by one week by Minister Kenneth Amoksi of Justice & Police.

Hellings believes that the government is looking into the case as a criminal investigation which could take a year. However he said that he is waiting quietly and together with the lawyer, all accusations will be refuted in due course.

Like the Surinamese Police Association, Hellings and Gentle have previously announced that they will legally fight this case. “We are not going to be provoked in certain situations,” said President Putini Atompai. Hellings and Gentle are leaders of the Organic Movement, which are campaigning to send the government home. They see the measures taken against them as rancor.






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