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Suspect 978 kilos of cocaine free; drug lords invisible

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Curtis P. was released Monday evening. He had been charged with 978 kilograms of cocaine intercepted at the Jules Sedney Harbor complex in February 2017. His lawyer Maureen Nibte confirms the release of her client. In this mega drug case, one person has been convicted, who is already at large. The real drug lords never came into the picture.

The lawyer says that an ex-co-defendant had mentioned Curtis P.’s name. He stated that Curtis P. had asked him to move a container. The lawyer argued that her client was not authorized to move containers. Neither was there any communication between the two men.

The judge granted Nibte’s request. By order of the Attorney General, Curtis P, who had presented himself with his lawyer, was located, detained and brought to trial.

A joint action by the customs police and the Narcotics Brigade resulted in the huge drug bust more than five years ago. The drugs were in dozens of sports axles hidden in two containers. Goods for export were loaded in the containers. The containers would be shipped to Belgium and the Netherlands.





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