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Surmac commemorates social institutions with cook-off

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Surmac also held a cook-off at the launch of a new heavy equipment brand on Saturday. The proceeds will be donated to Huize Albertine, the Rumas Foundation and the Sabi You Kondre Foundation. The company’s management has increased the proceeds of the cook-off from SRD 95,000 to SRD 192,000.

The cook-off took place between the various departments or a combination of departments. The four groups that delivered the necessary performance from the early morning hours to compete for the title of the best Surmac cooks”, were the Service, Parts, Warehouse and a combination of the Financial and IT departments.

The company wants to give something back to the community with the donations to the social departments. It is concluded that the first edition of Surmac gives back event was a success.



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