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Suriname and Barbados are going to hold a joint expo

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 LVV minister Parmanand Sewdien and his Barbadian colleague Indar Weir of Agriculture, Food and Food Security.

Suriname and Barbados want to organize an exhibition in Barbados around the end of November.  The agriculture ministers of both countries proposed this in a bilateral meeting this morning in Barbados.  Various ministries, parastatals and various organizations in Suriname will be invited to participate.

According to Minister Parmanand Sewdien of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (LVV), Suriname has sufficient acreage to further scale up agricultural production.  However, due to climate change, the country will have to relocate a significant part of its production activities to the old coastal plain, where the degree of mechanization can easily be increased.  This is in response to the scarcity of workers and the high production costs that can be brought down through mechanization, reports LVV.

Foreign companies that wish to invest in the Surinamese agricultural sector will be allowed to do so in partnership with Surinamese companies, for which land will be made available through a lease construction.

A delegation from the private sector and parastatal companies, led by the LVV minister, is currently in Barbados for concrete coordination regarding shipment of the first containers in addition to bacoven and pork that have already found their way there.

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