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Size of Hakrinbank fraud not yet known

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The Hakrinbank bank confirms that fraud was discovered during the internal audit, but that no money was stolen from customers.  A report has been made to the police while Hakrinbank’s Internal Audit Department is conducting an in-depth investigation.  The aim is to determine the extent of the fraud and to identify those who are involved.

The Hakrinbank has also taken the necessary measures to prevent a recurrence and to recover the stolen funds.  The Hakrinbank regrets the fraud, but emphasizes that this fraud does not affect the soundness of the financial institution.  The bank is confident that both investigations will lead to a good result, with the necessary measures being taken against those involved.

The annual general meeting of shareholders for the 2020 financial year will be held next week.  The financial statements, which have been prepared on the basis of IFRS principles, will be submitted to the shareholders for approval.  Despite the year 2020 being a very challenging year, the result is positive and the future looks good according to the bank.

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