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Rusland:Need more explanation about new Education System

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NPS chairman Gregory Rusland recognizes that there is a lot of noise about the new education system that Minister Marie Levens has introduced.  According to him, more explanation needs to be given about  the education system to parents and society. This is what Rusland said on Saturday evening at the installation of the New Amsterdam subsection, led by Fauzia Abdulrahman.  The party chairman also discussed the vicissitudes within the Surinamese Aviation Company (SLM) and the Energiebedrijven Suriname (EBS).

There is a lot of discussion about the educational innovations through which children simply move on, even though they have obtained very poor grades.  For many it is incomprehensible how someone with twos and threes can progress together with students who get eights and nines.  Rusland argued that the system is not new.  It is being used in the Caribbean and various countries in the world.  However, information must be given in the coming period, so that it is clear to those involved to understand what it is all about.

He further stated that as for the scandals at SLM and EBS, that there are too many things that cannot be tolerated.  The country deserves better and these issues needed to be addressed immediately. Or else the goals set by the government will not be achieved in the remaining period.  The country is in big trouble, making it difficult for many.  Parents need to work hard in order to be able to care for their children.  Later on, the young people also have to support themselves in a decent way.  Scandals that occur cannot be accepted.

Rusland argued that the country deserves better and that the leadership of the country must ensure that problems that arise are solved.  Various issues were discussed in the National Assembly last week. He said further that the NPS is working to secure a better position in the upcoming election, which will allow it to make its mark on the country’s governance.



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