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Research the Nanni Swamp to better utilize water resources

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Some recommendations of an ecohydrological hydrological assessment of the Nanni Swamp environment include more effective use of water resources, establishing and implementing a water management scheme for the irrigation and drainage system, and taking into consideration the effects of climate change. Environmental Support Services (ESS), a consulting business, delivered the findings to the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, and Fisheries on Monday (LVV).

The study focused on understanding the biodiversity, hydrological function and potential vulnerability to changes in the hydrological regime that may come from the proposed program. The final findings will be made available on the Ministry of LVV website. LVV agriculture director Soedeshchand Jairam said the results of the study will contribute to Suriname’s agricultural development.

The talk was a component of the SU-L1052 study on agricultural production. The major objectives of this initiative are to raise Suriname’s agricultural productivity. The importance of all stakeholders’ active participation and cooperation in the program’s development and implementation was emphasized by the participants.

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the National Forest Service (LBB), NIMOS, Nature Management, and representatives of LVV, the Inter-American Institute for Agricultural Cooperation (IICA), the Nickerie district commissioner, and other partners attended the conference. According to the LVV communications department, stakeholders from Nickerie remotely attended the meeting.





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