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Reinforcing cooperation with the House of Representatives

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Assembly chairman Marinus Bee considers cooperation at parliamentary level with the Netherlands important.
Assembly chairman Marinus Bee sees the visit by the Dutch delegation of the House of Representatives as an impetus to build and strengthen the ties between the two institutes at parliamentary level. Given the common past and the historical bond between the Netherlands and Suriname, cooperation between the two countries is important.

According to Bee, a committee will soon be set up to investigate matters from the colonial past and advise parliament on them. Collaboration with the House of Representatives will have to give further substance to this. A joint solution will be worked on, Bee told the Suriname Communications Service. The Dutch delegation visited the leadership of the National Assembly today. Vice-Chairman Dew Sharman heads the Human Rights Commission. During the maintenance, the slavery and colonial past was central.

The delegation, led by Member of Parliament Kiki Hagen, entered into a dialogue with Sharman about human rights in relation to colonial history. According to Sharman, the violation of human rights started since the arrival of the Dutch in 1667, when the Indigenous people were driven from their habitats. Since then, he says, human rights violations have taken place. “Everything that happened in the past must be given a place through a platform to be formed together with the Netherlands. Information in the Dutch archives will be of significance in this regard,” says Sharman.

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