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On Tuesday 16 August 2022, the minister was accompanied by a number of staff members and advisers from his ministry during his visitation. The intention was that the delegation could orientate itself in the area in order to identify the most common problems.  The visit was greatly appreciated by the  traditional authority and the residents.

During the visit, the (PW) minister promised the local residents several things related to the most common issues that occur in the area.  Problems that have been raised  need to be tackled structurally, but a number of issues have also been heard that will be resolved within a few weeks.  The visit by the minister was a return visit after the traditional authority of the area visited the PW minister earlier.  Residents from both Pokigron and Atjoni have been struggling for years with problems such as poor sewerage, drainage and, above all, the waste problem. The Ministry currently does not have an annex in the Sipaliwini district.  A few persons have been designated who have been given the responsibility to perform regular audit procedures.

PW Directorate of Public Green and Waste Management  was specifically present during this visit to help keep the environment clean.  The poor garbage collection system in the area has left a lot to be desired for some time. The entrepreneur in charge of garbage disposal in the area complained about how difficult it is to carry out the work.  Other problems also encountered were land loss due to erosion from the riverbank and the lack of barriers to keep traffic orderly, especially for school-aged children.  The arrival of an official landfill was also discussed. The PW minister then appealed to the local community to find out together which businesses they want to start in the village in order to fight against high prices.  Finally, the minister announced that Atjoni will have a new and modern measuring station to measure precipitation.



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