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Presidential Development Group to Kabalebo

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President Chan Santokhi has set up a working group in Kabalebo which is an administrative district in Sipaliwini for one year. To rapidly address the issues and development of this place.The presidential working group is staffed by various government representatives from different ministries, the President’s Office, the Kabalebo Commissariat and the four captains. Advisor to the President, Stanley Dijksteel, chairs the working group.

The working group is obliged to report monthly to the head of state. The installation took place on Tuesday in the Press Center. President Santokhi says the intention is to develop Kabalebo by making plans ahead. In the view of the head of state, the bauxite industry in the area will be tackled. Cheap gas, which will be extracted in the offshore area near Nickerie, will be used for this project and will also be exported to Brazil via an exploitation platform in Kabalebo that has yet to be set up. The infrastructure to the area will also be addressed. The head of state also gives priority to developing other relevant production sectors in and around the area, including agriculture, livestock and fisheries.

Santokhi says serious consideration is being given to optimizing the approach to the boat connection. The government is also looking at options for responding to the demand from the area for an ambulance. Dijksteel says that he is in favor of an optimal approach to the issues. “Let’s not disappoint the president.” He wants to revive the slogan of the early eighties Young men go West. Dijksteel states that Kabalebo is facing a gigantic development.

District Commissioner Josta Lewis of Kabalebo says he is looking forward to a good cooperation. “Kabalebo needs support to take up development in the area.”





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