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President can only explain rising exchange rates on Tuesday

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The Surinamese government will not provide an explanation to the National Assembly until Tuesday regarding the dramatic rise in currency exchange rates in Suriname. Marinus Bee, the chairman of the assembly, announced that a special meeting will be held to discuss this.

“We have collaborated, and we plan to hold additional discussions on this on Tuesday. We must convene a special meeting to discuss this because the issue is pretty serious,” Bee remarked yesterday after the meeting was postponed for more than two hours.

In Suriname, there is an increasing demand for payment in foreign currency. The average exchange rate for the US dollar and the euro at the Central Bank of Suriname on Friday afternoon is SRD 35.79 and SRD 37.80, respectively. But, the cambios offer far better exchange rates.

Around 2 p.m., when the meeting first began, acting VHP party leader Mahinder Jogi seized the chance to demand an explanation from the government through the speaker of the house. Jogi claims that the high exchange rates will also drive up the cost of basics in the stores. Jogi had immediate backing from Bee, who said he would halt the meeting so that he could call President Chandrikapersad Santokhi right away.

Ultimately, Bee was informed that the head of state would not be able to attend the meeting because of other commitments at the time. The public meeting was supposed to take place on Tuesday, March 28, but the parliament’s president decided to postpone it.






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