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Police report about kidnapping woman

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 The police of the De Nieuwe Grond agency and members of the Regional Assistance Team Midden (RBTM) tracked down 23-year-old Frenchman Sean-Paul J. on Friday and was arrested at an address in Wanica. He forcibly pushed his ex-girlfriend D.S. into a vehicle. He presumably drove her for a while before releasing her again.

After receiving reports that shots had been fired, the De Nieuwe Grond police visited the location. A woman found at the scene was informed that D.S. had been kidnapped shortly before the arrival of the police.

The law enforcement officers immediately launched an investigation and went to the address where the victim D.S. lives. According to a roommate of the victim, she recognized the vehicle in which the driver Th.K. and two other women were seated. It was the car of her ex-brother-in-law Sean-Paul J.

According to the information given, the police were able to continue their investigation and found the vehicle in question at another address, also in Wanica. The Public Relations police reported police that weapon Sean-Paul J. had fired a shot from into a grove was found and seized by his direction.

After this, the police officers managed to arrest Sean-Paul J. who was staying at the same address. In the interest of the investigation, he has been detained after consultation with the Public Prosecution Service.




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