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Permission granted for Haitians flight to Suriname

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 Haitians who has been given permission to travel to Suriname have arrived safely on Sunday evening at the Johan Adolf Pengel airport.

 The government has given permission to entrepreneur Jean Mixon (Saya) to transport Haitian workers to Suriname. There were 175 people on the flight.

 It is not clear who the people will be working for and whether they have work permits or entered the country on a tourist visa. Regular flights to and from Haiti are still suspended after it was decided to conduct an investigation into people smuggling.

Minister Albert Ramdin of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation confirms to Starnieuws that Saya was allowed to operate a return flight to and from Haiti. “He has had permission under certain conditions. Under the presidential decree that may happen. It concerns one back and forth flight of returnees and people who are going to work here,” the minister replies frugally. He did not answer any other questions.

Since permission has been given for one flight, it is not clear how long the Haitians can stay in Suriname and when they will return. About 20 people returned to their country from Suriname on the outward flight. From the Johan Pengel Airport, the Haitians were transported by bus to Paramaribo.






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