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Organic movement back on the streets

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Activists from the Organic Movement demands now for the Santokhi-Brunswijk government to give their mandate back. This because they did not give in to the demands of the people of Suriname. On Saturday August 13, there was a protest at Kwakoe at the Dr. Sophie Redmond.

There were aproximately 400 to 500 people present, including politicians and trade unions: Ronald Hooghart, Michael Sallons, Steven Reyme, (pastor) and also Assembly members Stephen Tsang and Ilona Edwards. There was also a number of policemembers and soldiers present

According to Hooghart, the union chairman of the CLO said that the government put the country at the service of the European; they must go. The Superintendant Police officer Sergio Gentle who is now suspended from service,  warned his supporters that everything will become even more expensive. He stated that civilians will no longer be able to survive.

The protests started July 18 and were led by exponents of the Surinamese Police Union, including Raoul Hellings and Sergio Gentle, and others such as Maisha Neus, Stephano Biervliet, Curtis Hofwijks and Dave van Aerde.

The protests started relatively peaceful, but the president of the republic did not come to speak to them and did not gave in to their demand to take the First Lady out of the RVC of Staatsolie. The protests became somewhat aggressive in front of the Cabinet of the President, the National Assembly and on the Independence Square. The government has not yet given in to any of their demands.

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