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Nurmohamed: “For now, we need to perform first aid work”

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This year, there are no resources available to the Ministry of Public Works (OW) to fill any minor gaps. Minister Riad Nurmohamed said this last week prior to the Council of Ministers meeting.

In order to close gaps, the Ministry of Education will shift to a more professional approach in 2023. There is money set aside for this. For the upcoming years, the switch should guarantee that the holes won’t reopen at the first sign of rain.

The minister asserts that persons or organizations that choose to fill tiny holes with cement do so without doing any harm. “I won’t bring a truck full of asphalt for a hole that is only 5 cm wide. We must perform first aid.

The residents are urged by Nurmohamed not to fill holes with a variety of materials. This might become a problem when the road is repaired. The minister underlines, “Concrete does not loosen as easily as asphalt does. So, it’s crucial that citizens first get the district commissioner’s approval.

The minister is aware that this may result in some delays and traffic bottlenecks on public highways during the daytime. The urgency must be taken into account, though. “I will take immediate action if it is reported to me that there are dangerous potholes.”






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