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NPS asks president to investigate vicissitudes at SLM

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The National Party Suriname (NPS) calls on President Chan Santokhi to conduct an investigation into the troubles at the Surinamese Airlines (SLM).  This must also be done at other government-run companies, where corrective action must be taken immediately.  Earlier, VHP faction leader Asis Gajadien also asked the president to immediately investigate the award of work to the law firm Bissessur Legal BV, which is based in the Netherlands.  Prenobe Bissessur is an advisor to the President and a member of the SLM crisis team on behalf of the government.

The NPS says in a message that it has taken note of the vicissitudes surrounding a contract with the lawyer’s office Bissessur, which involves an amount of approximately 17,500 euros per month.  “We note that there is a conflict of interest here, because the person in question is an adviser to the president and belongs to the crisis team that should get the SLM out of trouble.”  The president has received an urgent call from the NPS to act transparently as more corruption becomes noticeable in his immediate environment.

“President, your government of which the NPS is a part asks the people to make sacrifices all the time, while apparently the necessary actions to support the people are not taken into account. Our society is constantly confronted with acts that do not reflect prudent financial policy  “, says the green party.

“The NPS is a coalition partner in accordance with the Coalition Agreement 2020-2025 and wishes to emphasize that it expresses its serious disapproval of abuses within the government and parastatals and calls on the president to investigate the issue of the SLM and other  companies under government control, where corrective action must be taken immediately.”

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