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Nerkust: It’s unfortunate that educational guidance is disregarded

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The Federation of Organizations of Teachers in Suriname (FOLS) president, Marcellino Nerkust, laments that the Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture disregarded the recommendation to close the schools on Friday. Given the disturbances of February 17, the FOLS had warned against taking any chances. On Friday, there will be a demonstration under the slogan “Everything Flat.” In an interview with the media, Nerkust asserts that educators have the freedom to take action if they do not feel secure. He hopes that no panicky circumstances develop since they could cause public transportation to become halted.

The Ministry of Education reminds the public that both teachers and students who are in school are safe. Optimal safety guarantees were considered at a meeting with the president and minister of education Krishna Mathoera, acting in that capacity. Safety has also been verified by the safety authorities. The action’s planners have additionally stated that they do not want a rerun of February 17 to occur. On the basis of this, the FOLS’s counsel has not been followed.

Nerkust asserts that the ministry is not required to heed a wise recommendation from the FOLS. The federation believes that the promised safety will be evident in every school, but especially so in those close to Independence Square. The FOLS will monitor happenings leading up to Friday.

The security services are reportedly on high alert, according to the police. Everyone is urged to stop committing crimes and doing anything that can upset the peace, order, or safety of the community. National public order, peace, and safety must be maintained, according to the law, by the police and other security agencies. This will be closely watched.

The police and other security services’ directives must be adhered to meticulously for the safety of every citizen. You must have clearance to enter the security area.

You can report any disturbances or preparations for this to the nearest police station or the Command Center by dialing 115.







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