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Megafraud in finance case in court

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The criminal case against the suspects Danielle Kom, Mosa Rother, Robert Koendjbiharie, M. Kom, and Y. Rother began receiving substantive attention on February 20, 2023. These suspects used fraudulent receipts from the Ministry of Finance and Planning to cash in tens of millions of SRDs at the Central Bank of Suriname (CBvS). The money was then sent to Koendjbiharie’s and Mosa Rother’s accounts, totaling more over SRD 40 million (more than SRD 18 million). These two pretended to be government contractors.

“The attorneys R. Mangre and Irvin Kanhai are representing the suspects Koendjbiharie and Mosa Rother. Benito Pick is present to assist the suspect Danielle Kom. Robby Denz is a witness for suspect M. Kom, and Derrick Veira and Delano Landvreugd are witnesses for suspect Y. Rother. Rayshree Koendan, the public prosecutor, has presented the evidence. Danielle Kom, the suspect, was then questioned, and M. Kom and Y. Rother, the suspects, were heard as witnesses in Danielle Kom’s criminal case. M. Kom’s release was requested by attorney Denz, and suspect Y. Rother’s pretrial detention was suspended by attorney Landvreugd. Suspension of the suspect Danielle Kom’s pretrial detention was requested by counsel Pick.

“After the public prosecutor’s response, the judge denied the requests since there were still major objections. The case will be continued on March 30, 2023 and Y. Rother and M. Kom will be heard as witnesses.”




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