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Jogi absolutely disagrees with Narain’s appointment as DC

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VHP chief executive who is also a parliamentarian strongly disagrees with the announcement that Bholanath Narain will be appointed district commissioner (dc) in Wanica.

He was at the VHP meeting in Leiding when president also party chairman Chan Santokhi made the announcement. Jogi said that most party toppers are surprised with the announcement. The politician said that the president will have to reverse his appointment. Jogi also made his objections known personally to the party chairman and president after the meeting. He has also made it clear to party colleague Asis Gajadien that the appointment is wrong. He asked where was the renewal and rejuvenation of Asis and Bholanath. He said further that the man is already sixty years old, and wanted to know if there were no young people in the party for this position.

The politician believed that this decision has been taken in small rooms and is simply communicated to the rest. There are fallacies used according to Jogi to first appoint Narain as director of Public Green to settle his pension base and now he is appointed as DC.

Jogi said that he strongly disagree with this appointment and that this decision is not in the interest of the party. It is not good for friends & family to be appointed. Everyone knows that Bhola is a good friend of Asis. And that he has no intention in keeping his mouth shut while these things happen. Jogi emphasized that if this continues, then we know what to expect in 2025.





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