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Hofwijks: Today’s protests have not been requested

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There will never be any tolerance for what occurred during the protests on February 17, 2023, on Friday. Curtis Hofwijks, the protest’s organizer, has received a detailed explanation of this from the Suriname Police Force. Hofwijks told the police that he had not asked for protests to take place today, Monday, February 27, during their conversation.

Hofwijks asserted that, given the circumstances, he might do so sooner or later. He has pledged to organize his upcoming protests internally so that criminals and vandals will be apprehended, with or without the assistance of the police. During any protests, Hofwijks will set up a visible and inconspicuous order service.

According to the legislation, street protests require a permission, the police informed Hofwijks. Without a permit, urgent action will be taken, and the police will instantly seize the leader(s) or accountable person(s);

– That usage of Independence Square and Palmentuin is prohibited absent prior approval from the President’s Office;

– No longer will approval be given for the use of a sound truck;

– If it appears that the agreements established are not being followed to and public order is disturbed, or if they commit criminal offenses, vandalism, or misdemeanor activities, the police will take firm action.







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