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Heineken® production employs 10% extra local workers

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The Surinamese Brewery now produces also the world-famous Heineken® brand. Second from the left is the proud CEO, Reinoud Ottervanger.

Reinoud Ottervanger, general manager of the Surinamese Brewery is proud that in addition to Parbobier, the world-famous Heineken brand is now also produced in Suriname. The production of Heineken® has created employment for 10% extra local. The company has also commissioned a state-of-the-art headquarters built with 100% local contractors and employees. Ottervanger told the news media that all investments show that they have great confidence in the future of Suriname and the Surinamese Brewery.

The CEO of the Surinamese Brewery said that the production of Heineken® this year is for the Surinamese market. However they are also investigating export possibilities from 2023 to both Guyanas. The “Parbo” remains their pride but they are also proud that they can now produce both brands here. That says something about the quality standards at the Surinaamse Brewery.

For the time being, Heineken® will only be available in 33cl and 50cl cans and from mid-November also in green 25cl and 60cl bottles. The locally produced tin packaging from Heineken® can be recognized by the text on the back, brewed by Surinaamse Brewery N.V. After the amendment of the Beer Excise Act of 1955 in November 2021, preparations and adjustments to the brewery were immediately started, which involved a large investment.

A hypermodern head office has also been put into use.

Ottervanger said that they are extremely proud to have been part of Surinamese society for almost 67 years and hope to be able to continue to do so for a long time to come.

The local production of Heineken® means that the beer will taste even fresher, while the superior quality and familiar taste of Heineken® are guaranteed. The fixed recipe with the use of 100% natural ingredients and the high quality standards of Heineken® that have now been applied are used in more than 192 countries, of course also apply in Suriname.”

This also show that they have confidence in the future of Suriname because of the stimulation of local production and employment. Local production also offers export opportunities from Suriname to neighboring countries. Because Heineken is locally produced, the prices can therefore be reduce by more than 5% as a contribution to society.

At the launch of the bottles in November, a deposit will be introduced, just like the dyogo, so that all bottles can be reused and no longer disappear into nature. The director said that the bottles will also no longer contain plastic labels. Because they are going completely green.

The director continued by saying that the new head office, right next to the brewery has been opened this week after being under construction for two years. This is also a major milestone for the Surinamese Brewery and is very important that all departments are close to each other in a pleasant working environment, so that customers and consumers can receive optimal service with high-quality beverage products such as Parbo, Heineken, Parbo Soda Water and our Diageo products such as Johnny Walker, Smirnoff and Guinness .








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