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Green Light for investigation of unordered convocation cards by Somohardjo

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Minister Bronto Somohardjo gives the go-ahead for an investigation into undelivered convocation cards for the elections at Anjelierstraat. (Photo: Biza)

On Monday afternoon, Minister Bronto Somohardjo of the Interior gave the go-ahead for the investigation into the cause of undelivered convocation cards. The research is necessary to have a better population administration and an up-to-date voter base.

The starting signal has been given at the Anjelierstraat. Paramaribo South West was chosen because it is the region where at least a few thousands of convocation cards did not reach the voters. “That’s a shame, it does something to democracy, because the more people can vote, the better it will be for democracy,” said the minister. He knows people indicate an address where they should live, but is not there when summons card is delivered. The method is that each address is visited at least three times to provide voters with their polling card.

According to Minister Somohardjo, the formulation, outline and implementation of a good policy is also a sub-goal of this research. This can make it easier to provide a government service that is in line with the needs of the number of people living within a particular region. The minister encourages everyone to participate to ensure a better population administration, but also allow more people to participate in the next elections in 2025!”

This investigation is carried out by officials of the Central Bureau for Civil Affairs and takes place between Monday and Friday from 3 pm to 7 pm. On weekends, surveys are conducted from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The investigation will start in the Paramaribo South-West area, which consists of addresses registered with the Civil Affairs Bureaus Paramaribo-Flora, Paramaribo-Latour, Paramaribo-Santodorp and Paramaribo-Kwatta.





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