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Financial limitations that prevent you from buying medicine

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Nowadays, the government’s financial capabilities do not allow for the procurement of medicine. As a result, this industry’s debt will only grow. Because they are unable to pay their debts, medical facilities have been reporting a lack of medication for some time.

The Business Medications Supply Suriname, which is struggling with unpaid hospital obligations, is likewise in this scenario. Amar Ramadhin, the Minister of Health, stated that the debts were incurred prior to the current administration taking office before the Council of Ministers ever began.

From 2019, The Business Medications Supply Suriname would have faced financial difficulties. This owed money to the business was $5 million in 2020. 60 percent of the country is covered by this company in terms of medicine supply. The minister claims that a process to pay off the debts has been initiated, but it looks that more financial resources are required to end this issue in the health sector.

According to the minister, Suriname spends SRD 600 million on medicine each year. Suriname now ranks among the nations in the region with the highest spending in this area. This, according to Minister Ramadhin, needs to change. He observes that when individuals are in pain, they all too often reach for a paracetamol.

The health minister said that many people have also become addicted to taking paracetamol. Where there’s a high consumption of medication.






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