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Ex-VP Ashwin Adhin  Indicted for Embezzlement

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The criminal case against ex-vice president Ashwin Adhin has been postponed to the October 18 because the chamber at the Court of Justice was incomplete. Adin is suspected of embezzling electrical equipment and furniture along with several employees. The goods have a value of SRD 1.5 million.

The former employees of the Cabinet of the Vice President, Vijendra R. as Amin D., were sentenced on March 23, 2021. They were released after their conviction. The judge found Vijendra R. guilty of forgery. He was given a sentence of eight months, six of which were suspended less time in pre-trial detention with a three-year probationary period. Amin D. has been given a sentence of four months, six of which are conditional, less time in custody with a probation period of three years. Amin D., former head of the ICT department at the office of the ex-VP, has prepared memos for depreciation of equipment and furniture together with Vijendra R., former head of the Technical Service at the Office of the Vice President. They have indicated that they have received the order from Adhin. The memos are falsely formatted, while they are useful goods that were written off just before the election. Adhin was arrested on November 16, 2020. The detention of the former vice president was unlawful, after which he was immediately released. He was sent home on November 24 because as an ex-VP, Adhin had to be charged first.

After the Attorney General informed parliament why Adhin is considered a suspect, he was indicted on December 10, 2020. 31 MPs voted in favor and 15 against. The case will be heard after more than two years after the preliminary judicial investigation has been concluded, on August 3. Adhin was subpoenaed to appear in court on August 26. The ex-vice president had objected to his subpoena through his lawyer. His counsel Irvan Kanhai previously indicated that his client objected to the public hearing of his case.

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