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Economic transportation is impacted by climate change

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According to Wonnie Boedhoe, a former chairman of the VES, the government needs to take far more action regarding climate change and the potential economic effects it may have on the rest of society. Boedhoe asserts that the economic activity in Suriname is also impacted by climate change, in addition to the effects it has on individuals. In theory, gender equality and climate change are mutually reinforcing and both have an impact on economic growth.

Gender encompasses much more than just males and women. “It is necessary to do a comprehensive analysis to determine whether there is an equitable distribution. Currently, a number of factors affect the financial and economic side of things. Climate change must be considered while discussing economic development. We must consider the effects and what has to be done. The former National Development Bank director: “I almost want to argue that we in Suriname are not yet aware of how large the economic impact might be in this kind of industry (NOB).”

“It must be looked at structurally and it must also be solved structurally,” says Boedhoe. “Climate change is more than weather conditions, it is much more. It has to be looked at from an angle of what the impact is on economic development.”




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