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Denial of Gopi board membership, by Assuria

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Assuria has taken note with great indignation that Mr Ashwin Gopi has been nominated by her – in her capacity as shareholder of Hakrinbank N.V. – for the position of Chief Commercial Officer.  Assuria would like to emphatically emphasize that it has never made any nominations to fill vacant management positions at Hakrinbank.  Qualified shareholders of the Hakrinbank have the right under the articles of association to make nominations for filling positions on the supervisory board of the company

In this regard, Assuria has supported the nomination for reappointment of the current councilor – approved by the Central Bank of Suriname, Mr. Gerry Liauw Kie Fa RA, at the shareholders’ meeting on Monday, August 29, 2022. Assuria has done this on the basis of  the specialist knowledge and experience of Mr Liauw Kie Fa, which is urgently needed within the bank.

Assuria attaches great importance to the principles of good governance and applies an investment policy that only invests in companies that also respect these principles.  Assuria regreted that bodies within Hakrinbank who should be expected to know the corporate governance structure consciously choose to provide the media with incorrect information in a suspected attempt to improperly influence public opinion.

In line with its policy, Assuria, as shareholder of Hakrinbank, has always been committed to objectively supporting the growth of the company in compliance with laws, regulations and the principles of good governance and will continue to do so in the future.

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