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Collaboration must improve services at Marwina

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 Minister of Health, Amar Ramadhin stated that Surinamese patients often make the crossing to French Guiana for medical help. Therefore a collaboration between the Ministry of Health and the Chog Hospital in Sint Laurent should ensure that medical care is guaranteed for Surinamese in their own environment. Health Minister Amar Ramadhin said Tuesday in the National Assembly that a pilot project is being carried out.

Surinamese patients who sought help on the French side are taken care of in the Marwina hospital with the cooperation of the specialists of Chog hospital.

 “This is for a fee from the French side to guarantee care to Surinamese in their own environment. This project is still ongoing,” Ramadhin said. In the past period, insights have been gathered on how to further set up further admissions and clinical treatments of Surinamese there. According to the minister, it is also necessary for cooperation between RGD clinics of Albina and Wonoredjo and the Marwina Hospital. It has been established that a number of resources are available, but are scattered between primary and secondary care. “With a good planning and consultation structure between these organizations, we are convinced that the service to society can be improved in the short term,” said Ramadhin. According to the minister, the deployment of the ambulance vehicles can certainly be organized in a much better way.

For the further expansion and operationalization of the hospital, a baseline measurement will take place in the hospital at the end of September, after which a start can immediately be made with the further operationalization of, among other things, an emergency room, pharmacy, laboratory, an X-ray department, ambulance service and minimal clinical admissions. . Ramadhin indicated that an internist will soon be employed at Marwina Hospital. In addition, decentralized missions will also be prepared, for example eye missions and youth dental care.

Ramadhin said that the Regional Hospital, Atjoni Hospital, a number of preconditions must be met before the formal operationalization of the hospital can be started. The ministry is currently preparing council proposals within the budget to ensure that ongoing costs and amounts still to be paid are settled. Among other things, the contractor and the generator still have to be paid. In addition, direct operational costs and a few essential employees must be recruited before the hospital can be expanded or operationalized.





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