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Cabinet President will not use legal advice from Bissessur for the time being

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The Surinamese President Santokhi has just indicated that the Cabinet of the President will not use the legal advice services of Mr. Prenobe Bissessur for the time being, as long as the reorganization process of SLM is ongoing and pending the investigation into the alleged irregularities.

The Cabinet clarifies that Mr. Bissessur is not an official or national servant and does not hold office in the Cabinet of the President.  In addition to his legal services in the private sector, he advises the president, from his own office, on request and on a non-commercial basis.  The crisis team SLM has now been instructed by the president to first submit all agreements to the shareholder.

The reorganization and progress of SLM are important for society and for our aviation sector.  It is necessary that the restructuring process that has been started is completed as well and as quickly as possible, in order to secure employment and important aviation services.



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