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Brunswijk requests assistance from Rodastraat for 2025

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Vice President and ABOP Chairman Ronnie Brunswijk has requested the Rodastraat neighborhood’s voters’ support in the elections scheduled for May 2025. The people awarded the VHP 20 seats in the most recent election. The party has been given the authority to run the nation. But things are not all good. Every day, people feel that life is difficult. Yet, the politician asserts that Suriname is still alive. There is still optimism even though the nation is at a crossroads.

At the Friday community meeting in Zorg en Hoop, Brunswijk pleaded with his listeners to have faith in him. Because 2025 is rapidly approaching, the people must endure. He relocated from Moengo to Paramaribo because the combat will take place there. Instead of looting, he advised the youth to voice their opinions within the bounds of the law. No one gains from looting, according to Brunswijk, but “fortunately no one perished.” It is necessary to conduct peaceful demonstrations.

People must cast their votes consciously on May 25, 2025. It is necessary to give ABOP a chance to advance. The young people were encouraged by Brunswijk, who asserted that he himself was a product of the ghetto. His own family didn’t have it easy either. To get to school, he had an 8 mile walk. Because of this, he arrived at school late. Brunswijk stated that the backlog has been eliminated. He counts on the support of Zorg en Hoop in 2025 and invited his audience to participate in the showdown on March 7 in the André Kamperveen stadium.






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