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Bholanath Narain becomes DC Wanica Southeast

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Bholanath Narain has been named as the new dc of Wanica Southeast.The district of Wanica will soon have two new district commissioners. President Chan Santokhi also chairman of the VHP has announced at a meeting of the political organization that district commissioner (dc) Shafiek Goelaman of Wanica Southeast will be replaced. Dc Suraksha Hirasingh of Wanica Noordwest has other ambitions. It was made to understand that she will be given a diplomatic post in Guyana.

The new DC for Wanica Zuidoost will be VHP’er Bholanath Narain. His name was mentioned by the President Santokhi. He is now acting director of Public Green. Narain became known for the Orange Party’s Renewal Movement. It was communicated at the meeting in Wanica that there have been many complaints from the structures and the community about Goelaman. It was therefore decided to replace him in the very short term.

Santokhi argued that an evaluation of several positions has taken place. After two years of government, it is necessary to expel persons who are not suitable for the position.




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