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Achaibersing submits his resignation

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Finance & Planning Minister Armand Achaibersing has submitted his letter of resignation to President Chan Santokhi for personal reasons. Achaibersing has communicated to confidants that since the tragic death of his grandson  he has entertained the thought of resigning  which he surely did.

VHP party leader Asis Gajadien  stated that he is not yet formally aware of the minister’s resignation, however  if that is the case then he regrets it. The VHP topper said that he is the only minister who has not taken a salary from the State in all that time for the job he did.

Gajadien knows that Achaibersing has always refunded the daily allowances for business trips. He said he has great respect for Achaibersing who has dedicated himself to make his contribution to the country in difficult times. All was without cost.



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