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900 public employees want to voluntarily resign from their positions

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The number of civil servants in the civil service is being reduced, according to director Nasier Eskak of the Interior (Biza). 900 users have requested to leave the service thus far. The ministry has already established an implementation office to handle applications from people wishing to voluntarily depart the service. Eskak claims that civil service registration went fairly smoothly as well. According to Eskak, it is now known how many individuals are employed, what their qualifications are, and how many have jobs and how many do not. The government will be restructured to the fullest extent possible using this. A ministry is concerned about the problem of hiring civil personnel.

Making a council recommendation and sending it is how the attraction is done, according to the government. According to the Biza director, if it pertains to a post involving grades 1 through 11c, it will be sent to the Personnel Affairs Council, the highest authority that advises the government on personnel issues. The Council of Ministers will decide on the aforementioned positions. The needs of the ministries are taken into account when creating the council suggestions. It is a matter of policy, according to the ministries.

Eskak advised party members to defect when the government changed. “The rules of good governance should be followed by all governments. That ought to be a strong hold. The National Servant Registration has started with the intention to train and retrain people who are redundant and then channel them to the private sector.”




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