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Tams are no longer mandatory for Rastafarian schoolboys to wear in class

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Speaking at the Jamaica Teachers Association’s (JTA) 59th annual conference, Education Minister Fayval Williams predicted that the policy would likely take effect this coming school year.

“There have been a few occasions when I’ve gone to school where I’ve noticed lads wearing tams to cover their locks—possibly no more than one or two in any one school. We should really, really stop doing it now that it’s 2023. We must respect the religious beliefs of others, Williams stated.

“Yes, we need to say to our students you have to ensure that your hair is clean and so forth. But come on, you shouldn’t have to cover your hair unless that’s what your religion calls for,” she added.

The JTA conference, which ends later on Wednesday, is being held under the theme ‘Advancing the Vision: Reigniting the Passion through Equitable, Inclusive Educational Opportunities’.




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